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Dash cameras have become essential for every motorist. The fact is, they have become so affordable and accessible for drivers that they are now deemed a must-have. In this article with Electric Scooters Ireland we will be going over some of the benefits of owning a dash camera.

Some Of The Benefits Of Owning A Dash Camera:

1. Having Evidence

One of the best things that come with having a dashcam installed on your vehicle is the ability to have physical evidence that you will be able to use if you need it. Being able to capture the accident in real-time can give you the proof and evidence you need to be certain that you are able to get justly compensated for an accident that wasn’t your fault. If you have ever been involved in an accident, you are likely well aware of how difficult it can be to prove who was at fault without witnesses.

2. Prevent Insurance Fraud

Unfortunately, this is something that happens a lot. Insurance fraud is very prevalent and a lot of drivers look to cause accidents in order to be able to extort the other driver into paying for damages. By having a dashcam installed, you will be able to get real-time recording of the events taking place. This can keep you from becoming a victim of fraud.

3. Built-In Features

A dashcam has become much more than a simple camera. You can find a lot of cameras on the market that includes built-in features that you might want to take advantage of using. This includes things like having a built-in GPS. Thus, your single dashcam device can offer you turn-by-turn navigation on your road trips. This can make a dashcam even more valuable. Some other amazing features that you can find included with a lot of dash cams are a built-in speedometer. By using one, you will be able to tell how fast you are going and even get alerted if you are driving over the speed limit. Therefore, you can do a lot of things with your dashcam that you would previously have needed a separate device for.

4. Better Security

Another good thing that you can get from having a dashcam would be the ability to record things while you aren’t in the vehicle. Have you ever had your car broken into? If so, and you didn’t have a dashcam installed, you likely wish you did. Having a camera installed that is capable of recording when it detects motion could have given you the evidence you needed to see exactly who did it. Being able to have this security footage can make your life a lot easier because you will be able to prevent people from attempting to break into your car or you will be able to take action if you are able to recognise who did it.

5. Road Trips

Another great benefit of having one installed is the ability to record your own road trips. You can find a dashcam with a built-in microphone. This can help you narrate your road trips as you are having them and record some of the best moments of your trip. Being able to road something as fun as a road trip can be a good thing to look back on.

Overall, there are a lot of different benefits that you can get from owning and using one. A dash cam can be a great investment for any driver. In fact, due to the affordability of dash cameras on the marketplace, one could argue that it is a must-have because they offer so much value for the money.